Mission and Values

At Denver's House of Worship, we believe in the incredible value of participatory worship in the congregational life of the community of believers who live for the Lord Jesus Christ and are led by His Spirit and who intercede in prayer for Revival and a Harvest of Souls. We welcome new persons to join us on this deeper in the Spirit satisfying and fulfilling, victorious life.

We believe that the Spirit-Led Life is possible, that Jesus' power is real, that not dead religion but instead the power of God working in our lives through the Spirit is the best and most fulfilling life possible. We believe that we can safely entrust our lives into the hands of Jesus Christ, that we can experience the deeper walk in His Spirit, and that if we do, that His Spirit working in us will fulfill us and give us power to overcome and have best and most satisfying life, possible.

First Steps

We invite you to begin your journey in serving the Lord Jesus Christ. We would like to help you on that journey; and we invite to join our congregation to be a connected disciple.

The first step is to place your faith fully and completely in the Lord Jesus Christ; give your heart and life to Him, and decide to follow Him for the rest of your life. Part of placing faith in Him is to ask the Lord to forgive you of all your sins and make a commitment to serve Him; this is called repentance. We want to assist you with this crucial first step, and our worship services are designed to help you take this first step.

We can also help with the next steps; including water and Spirit baptism. Please come and join us!! We will warmly welcome you!

Bible Study: The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Gospel of Jesus Christ