At Denver's House of Worship, we believe that the Spirit-Led Life is possible, that Jesus' power is real, that not dead religion but instead the power of God working in our lives through the Spirit is the best and most fulfilling life possible. We believe that we can safely entrust our lives into the hands of Jesus Christ, that we can experience the deeper walk in His Spirit, and that if we do, that His Spirit working in us will fulfill us and give us power to overcome and have best and most satisfying life, possible.

The Written Scriptures

We believe that the Scriptures, the Bible, (as preserved in the majority of manuscripts extant) are the inspired and infallible Word of God, and that they are the basis for Truth and for instructions for living the Born Again, Spirit Led, and victorious life. We believe that they are authentic and trustworthy!!

One True God

We believe in the one true ever-living (eternal) God, who is infinite in power, holy in nature, and the Creator of all. We believe that this one true God has revealed Himself to us as our Father, and yet also as the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and yet also as the Holy Spirit, which can now indwell any and all believers. We believe that He wants to have an intimate relationship with each and every person.

Our Lord Jesus Christ

We believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that God was manifest in flesh, He became incarnate in human flesh, that He was born of a woman (Mary). We believe that Jesus is both fully God and yet also fully human; that this is the amazing miracle of the incarnation; "God with us." We believe that in the very real human flesh of Jesus Christ, dwelt all the fulness of the Godhead, bodily, that He was and is God enfleshed. We believe that Jesus was both the flesh in which God dwelt, and yet also the God (Spirit) who indwelt His flesh. We believe that we must give our lives totally to Jesus Christ, our Lord, become His disciples (followers), follow Him, deny self, live for Him, and worship Him, Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega, the Almighty God.

Born Anew; Born From Above

We believe that all should choose to become a believer, a disciple of Jesus Christ; deny self, take up the 'cross,' and follow Him! We believe that all believers, disciples, must place their faith in God, in the Lord Jesus Christ. We must all be born again, birthed-again, birthed from above! We believe that all believers must truly repent of sin (confess sins and confess that we are a sinner, become sorry for our sins, and also ask Jesus to forgive us completely). We must get ourselves baptized (immersed) in water, having the Name of Jesus called over us. We must receive the gift of the baptism of the Holy Spirit (aka: the Holy Ghost), and that a Holy Spirit baptized believer will speak in other languages as the Spirit gives the utterance. The born again believer (disciple) should seek to be part of the Church, the Body of Christ, and to learn how to walk in the Spirit, be led by the Spirit, which produces sancitification and victory!! The birth of the Spirit introduces the disciple into the Spirit-Led Life.

Growing in Sanctification

The birth of the Spirit introduces the disciple into the Spirit-Led Life. The born again believer (disciples) should seek to be part of the Church, the Body of Christ, and to learn how to walk in the Spirit, be led by the Spirit, which produces sancitification and victory!! This website and associated social media are for the purpose of teaching this Spirit-Led lifestyle which produces sanctification (set-apart-ness) unto the Lord. The spiritual practices of Prayer, of Praise and Worship, and deeper intimacy with the Spirit, will draw the disciple into a holy and victorious life.

Spirit-Led Disciplemaking

We believe that person who has learned to live the Spirit-Led Life should then seek to find, win, and mentor (disciple) new souls into also living for the Lord. We should be led by His Spirit in finding hungry souls. We should be led by the Spirit in how to teach the new soul about faith in Jesus and the new birth. We should be led by the Spirit in teaching the new soul how to live in obedience and holiness for theLord, how to enter the deeper Spirit filled lifestyle of victory... and then to reach new souls for Jesus Christ, themselves!!! This recurring process is Spirit-Led Disciplemaking!

For more information on the Spirit-Led Life, please visit our theme related website: TheSpiritLed.Life.

Pertaining to the End of the Age

We believe that at the end of the Church age (time period), that the Lord Jesus Christ will "catch away" His Bride, the Church. We believe that those who are not born again and living for Jesus, at that time, will be left behind. We believe that the dead in Christ (born again believers who die prior to the Catching Away of the Church) will also be caught up. We believe that the souls who are caught up, living or dead, will be resurrected and transformed into a glorified body, like Jesus' post-resurrection body. We believe that this is the glorious future hope of the Church, and that we should be always expectantly looking for this!

We believe that after the Catching Away of the Church, that the Day of the Lord, a time period during which the Lord pours His judgment out upon the earth and its inhabitants at that time, will come, that it will be a terrible time, a 'day' unlike any other time prior to it. We believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, for the Church, and then at the conclusion of the Day of the Lord's wrath, at which time, every eye will see Him. We believe that the Caught Away Church will return with Jesus Christ, at His Second Coming.

We believe that, after the Second Coming, there will be a Millenial Reign of Jesus Christ, believers ruling as Kings and Priests, a Kingdom of restored perfection for humanity and for the new earth. We believe that there will be a Final Judgment, at which all eternal destinies will be confirmed, as just, and rewards and punished meted out. We believe that all believers from all time periods in human history will experience the full joy of the Lord, in completion, and in Heaven, and the New Jerusalem. We believe that all who rebelled against the Lord will experience the punishment of God, in Hell. We want to (with compassion) help as many souls as we can to avoid that terrible fate!